Laser Treatment

For which refractive errors is laser treatment applied?

Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be corrected with Excimer laser, as well as some spots and marks on the outer layer of the eye, which we call the cornea, can be removed.

There are a wide variety of laser types. Various types of lasers are still in use according to the laser's wavelength and frequency. The most used of these are: Excimer laser is used to correct eye defects, Argon laser is used to prevent eye bleeding due to the disease, YAG laser is used in some types of glaucoma and also can be used to open the darkening in the membrane where the lens is placed after cataract surgery. In recent years, femtosecond lasers have been used successfully in lasik surgery to remove the cap from the cornea.

Lazer Tedavisi

People who have a certain degree of refraction in the eye and whose progression of the degree has stopped, the thickness of the cornea is suitable for laser, without any systemic diabetes, connective tissue and rheumatic disease, without dry eye history and without diseases such as inflammation or corneal deformity (keratoconus etc.) are suitable patients for eye surgery.

Excimer Laser Method

In LASIK method, a cover is removed from the outermost transparent layer of the eye, which we call the cornea, with a micro knife or with laser, the previously calculated and mapped eye disorder is corrected by resuscitating the cornea tissue under the cover by excimer laser shots. Then this cover is closed and returned to its original state. The operation time is about 5-10 minutes.

How many degrees of errors can be reset in hyperopia and astigmatism with myopia?

If corneal thickness is sufficient, myopia up to -12 degrees, hyperopia up to + 6 degrees and astigmatism up to 7 degrees can be corrected with this method. After the laser, it is inconvenient to rub and to wash the treated eye, take a bath for the first 24 hours. Avoid using soap and shampoo in your eye area in the first days. Do not apply eye makeup for 2 weeks after laser treatment. After laser treatment, you can swim in the sea or pool after 3 weeks. However, be careful to protect your eyes for 4 weeks. It is not safe to use contact lenses for cosmetic purposes after laser treatment, but it is possible to start using it under doctor control at least 1 month after treatment.

Excimer Lazer Tedavisi

Is Laser Therapy Recommended For Diabetes Patients?

Diabetic patients are not recommended to be laser due to wound healing and immune system disorders. In diabetic retinal hemorrhages, Argon laser, another laser type, is treated.

What are the Effects of Laser Therapy?

With the development of laser surgery, the patient can now return to work and social life within 1-2 days after the operation. The patient should not get water in the eyes for 1-2 weeks, and protect the treated eyes from trauma. After leaving the glasses, the patient's capacity to do work increases, comfort and gains ease of movement. While the self-confidence of patients who have been socially avoided, they become more peaceful individuals. Care should be taken not to hit your eyes the most after the laser, rub your eyes, touch the water for a certain period of time and use your medications regularly. If corneal thickness permits, laser surgery can be performed even for the second or third time.

Is age important for Laser Application?

Generally, it is not applied before the age of 20, when eye development is complete and the eye numbers stop increasing. In some special cases, laser therapy can be applied before this age.

To whom laser can not be a treatment?

It is not suitable for pregnant women, dry eye and corneal deformities and those with thin cornea, those with active inflammatory eye disease, healing and immune system diseases such as diabetes, rheumatic connective tissue diseases. Although those with eye disorders above the eye numbers mentioned above, their numbers do not fall to the desired values for the laser treatment.